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This Consortium is open to companies interested in registering Selenium & Tellurium Compounds under REACH. 

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About us

At its annual meeting in September 2006, the Selenium-Tellurium Development Association (STDA) decided to set up a working group on REACH-related matters, for the benefit of its members. A provisional programme was developed, a Steering Committee was set up, non-disclosure agreements were agreed upon and signed, and an external consultant was hired by mid-2007. This was followed by a Phase I (Substance Identification), which was completed at the end of 2007. In the meantime, Phase II (Identification of Downstream Users) has also been completed, and Phase III (Data Collection & Data Gap Analysis) is now underway.

While this effort was still a members-only exercise, preparation was made in the second half of 2008 to form a REACH Consortium. A consortium agreement was drafted and finalized. The window for joining as a founding member (whether the company in question is or is not an STDA member) expired on 31 January 2009, but companies may still join as regular members.

UMCO GmbH has been appointed as secretariat and trustee by the Consortium.

For further information, please contact Kerstin Heitmann, Secretary of the REACH Se/Te Consortium:

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Substances covered by the Consortium

Following you will find the current substances covered by the Consortium.


Substance Formula EINECs CAS
Zinc selenite    
Sodium selenite Na2SeO3 233-267-9  10102-18-8
Sodium selenate Na2SeO4 236-501-8 13410-01-0
Selenium dioxide SeO2 231-194-7 7446-08-7
Selenium Se  231-957-4  7782-49-2
Selenious acid H2SeO3 213-974-7 7783-00-8
Barium selenite BaSeO3 237-280-0 13718-59-7


SubstanceFormula EINECs    
Tellurium dioxide TeO2   
 231-193-1 7446-07-3
TelluriumTe 236-813-4 13494-80-9
Slags, telluriumUVCB: Tellurium compounds, Te-Na-compounds 273-828-5 69029-86-3
Se-Te ConcentratesUVCB  932-075-9 
Precipitate from tellurium containing acid solutions by copper metal cementation UVCB containing copper tellurides and other metal compounds 943-528-5  not assigned yet
Leach residues, telluriumUVCB: Tellurium containing residues from lead production 273-814-9 273-814-9


To get in touch with or to join the Consortium, please contact Mrs. Kerstin Heitmann, Secretary of the REACH Se/Te Consortium, via phone or email.

Kerstin Heitmann

Georg-Wilhelm-Strasse 187
21107 Hamburg
Phone: +49 (0)40 / 555 546 300

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