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Our Approach

Safety, health and the environment (SHE) is a wide-ranging issue of major concern for our customers. Several areas of law impinge on the handling of hazardous substances, including chemicals legislation, environmental protection and occupational safety. This makes it even more essential to implement an integrated SHE management system which is regularly reviewed and updated.

We assign a personal project supervisor to each of our customers for the chosen service, regardless of whether we are responding to a one-time request or providing permanent support. We also operate a helpline to ensure that your concerns are addressed should your designated supervisor not be available. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is particularly skilled at resolving complex issues and devising multidisciplinary solutions.

The expert team provides all kinds of support - starting with the appointment of safety advisers, to providing support on individual projects along with back-up advice, through to assuming responsibility for entire areas and preparing the associated documentation.

How you benefit

We guarantee you the best of quality, a wealth of practical experience and multidisciplinary solutions.


We are GQA certified. 

Field experienced

We have a wealth of field experience for you to avail of.


All UMCO employees adopt a multidisciplinary approach to the services we provide.

Our services at a glance

Appointment of safety advisers 

Plant safety and approvals

Internal dangerous goods management  

Occupational safety 

Dangerous-goods storage 

Advice, management systems and audits 

Unleash the synergy of our multidisciplinary approach

We conduct the risk assessment based on the substance data used in the preparation of safety data sheets.  

Appointment of advisers

Companies are legally obliged to identify the areas and issues that require the appointment of advisers. When you choose an external adviser from UMCO, you are choosing an expert who possesses not only all the              necessary qualifications, but also is highly experienced in company practices and dealing with authorities.

We work with you to meet legal requirements and to manage complex tasks effectively, pragmatically and in compliance with the law. 

We currently offer the following advisers: 

  • Immission control adviser as per Section 53 BImSchG (Federal Immission Control Act) and the 5th BImSchV
  • Waste adviser as perSection 59 KrW
  • Water protection adviser as per Section 64 WHG (Water Resources Act)
  • Immission control adviser as per Section 58a BImSchG and the 5th BImSchV
  • Fire safety adviser
  • Occupational safety specialist as per Section 5 ASiG (Occupational Safety Act)
  • Dangerous goods safety adviser as per Section 8 GbV (Dangerous Goods Advisers Ordinance)

Plant safety and approvals

Being in legal compliance at all times means being up to date in the areas of plant safety and approval management. We ensure you are compliant by developing comprehensive safety concepts that address all aspects of plant safety and accident prevention.

These include the standard safety report as per Section 9 Störfallverordnung (Major Accidents Ordinance), operational emergency prevention plans, emergency response management systems and fire safety and explosion protection concepts. We conduct a stringent annual audit of your plant and explore any necessary adjustments with you.  

Changes to your plants and new plans almost always require approval or notification in the areas of immission control, water protection or industrial safety ordinance. The key to rapid success here is to enlist professional support during preparation and prosecution of the approval procedure. We operate an extensive network which guarantees effective cooperation between planners, experts, contacts in the relevant authorities and you, the applicant. We record all previous approvals in a schedule of legal provisions and review any changes with you at regular intervals.

We currently cover the following legal areas: 

  • Immission control 
  • New approvals as per Section 4 BImSchG
  • New approvals as per Section 16 BImSchG
  • Notifications as per Sections 15 and 67 BImSchG
  • Communications concerning the company organisation as per Section 52 BImSchG Water conservation
  • Notifications as per AwSV
  • Applications for water permits or approval under WHG and state water laws
  • Development of SOPs for handling substances hazardous to water under AwSV Industrial safety
  • Applications for permits as per Section 18 BetrSichV (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health)

Internal Hazardous Substance Management

All the requirements (Section 6 GefStoffV) and measures relating to the safe handling of hazardous substances should flow into your internal hazardous substance management system. From internal transport to storage through to application, there is always a particular risk of acute or long-term damage to employee health and the environment. 

At UMCO, we review the status quo with you and prepare or update your documentation accordingly. In addition to the hazardous substances register (which may be software-based), these include hazardous substances assessments, SOPs on handling hazardous substances and exposure registers. In addition, we provide support for devising protective measures, such as substitution tests and the selection of personal protective equipment. The multidisciplinary knowledge we have gained over the years from preparing safety data sheets and obtaining REACH authorization for substances has given us the technical expertise to explore chemical relationships in depth.

Occupational safety

Healthy and motivated employees are an important success factor. Especially in an age when work processes are constantly changing, new technologies are emerging and individuals are being given more responsibility, a comprehensive occupational health and safety system to prevent accidents and encourage responsible behaviour on the part of the workforce is essential. We encourage you to take advantage of our broad expertise in the field of occupational safety.

We support you with tailor-made solutions: from conducting surveys and implementing individual measures through to complex occupational safety management systems. Among the services we offer are management of third-party companies, checking of permit systems as well as reviewing and preparing SOPs, risk assessments (activities, working equipment, hazardous substances, bio-substances, psychological stress, etc), and explosion protection documents.

As an employer, you are expressly responsible for implementing occupational health and safety measures within your company. You can assign the tasks mentioned in Section 6 ASiG to our occupational safety experts. They will coordinate closely with you and devise bespoke optimisation measures to help you meet your legal obligations.

A GQA-certified company, UMCO stands for reliable quality in all matters of occupational safety and is here to advise and support you.

Dangerous goods storage

Storage concepts are highly complex and are covered by various bits of legislation (e.g. TRGS 509 and 510 (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances), AwSV, BImSchG, 4th BImSchV and 12th BImSchV) and systematic structural, technical and organisational regulations. 

Furthermore, a crucial factor is whether you are building a new facility or renovating an existing one and whether you are already operating a hazardous materials warehouse. We can approach this either from the viewpoint of the buildings, the technical requirements and the delivery possibilities for hazardous substances or from the viewpoint of the substances themselves, the properties of which determine the structural and technical requirements for safe storage. This approach enables us to establish whether or not a permit is required, for example.

Advice, management systems and audits

The mainstays of occupational safety and environmental protection are a properly set up organisation and an associated management system (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001) fully integrated into your company’s structures and processes.

With almost four decades of experience under our belts, we know precisely what to look for when conducting surveys, how to go about analysing weak points and how to use the insights gained to optimise the processes. We are also happy to offer specific consulting services for individual organisational aspects, such as compiling process descriptions. 

Together with you, we will carry out annual internal audits, inspection audits and training courses. We are driven to create an optimised company structure for you, in which the internal procedures for implementing occupational safety and environmental protection are easy to identify and observe by all employees.

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