Dangerous Goods Management

Our Approach

As an entrepreneur you aspire to be in legal compliance when it comes to preparing and transporting dangerous goods and preventing incidents and accidents, such as leakages. Personnel involved in the transport chain must therefore receive proper safety training and instruction in how to perform their tasks. Furthermore, it is important to put in place an organisational structure and workflows that are conducive to compliance and to regularly review and adapt them. 

Our experts are extremely well versed in the transport, transshipment and storage of dangerous goods. Thanks to many years’ hands-on experience in warehousing, the chemical industry and port logistics, we can identify potential problems during the inventory process and work with you to devise lasting solutions for seamless dangerous goods transports without any delays.

You have the option of selecting comprehensive support provided by external dangerous goods advisers, the setting up of an internal dangerous goods structure, or availing of assistance with resolving complex one-time issues.

How you benefit

We offer the expertise gained over 36 years of field experience and a dangerous goods helpline. 


Our experts keep you updated on the latest knowledge, and quickly and pragmatically devise lasting solutions to your problems.


We operate a dangerous goods helpline to provide tangible added value for you, the customer.


In the last 5 years alone, we have compiled 1,000 dangerous goods documents, run 500 customer-specific training courses and held 100 specialist seminars.

Overview of our services 

Appointment of a dangerous goods safety adviser 

Advice, analysis and audits  

Dangerous goods helpline 

Instruction and training of responsible personnel

Special topics: Class 7, Class 1, lithium batteries, stowage   

GlobalChem24 emergency telephone number  

International dangerous goods regulations (North America and Asia)  

Unleash the synergy of our multidisciplinary approach

When preparing safety data sheets for our customers, we also provide the classification data needed for transporting substances and mixtures under dangerous goods regulations. The safety data sheets also contain direct information on the hazard properties that are relevant to substances placed in storage.

Appointment of a dangerous goods safety adviser 

Provided that certain conditions are met, your company is obliged under the Gefahrgutbeauftragtenverordnung (GbV; Ordinance on Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers) to appoint a dangerous goods safety adviser (DGSA). If you do not have the appropriate personnel in your company or if you would like to avail of our 36 years of practical experience, you can opt to appoint one of our qualified DGSAs to this position.

We deal with all the activities and tasks listed in Section 8 GbV and advise you on all matters concerning the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), rail (RID), sea (IMDG Code) and inland waterway (ADN). As your external safety adviser, we are your first point of contact for discharging your obligations and responsibilities under dangerous goods legislation. We also offer individual dangerous goods services, such as project implementation, training courses, coaching and back-up advice for an internal DGSA. This frees up internal resources and provides scope for you to concentrate on other important business.

Advice, analysis and audits 

The more organised the dangerous goods system is, the easier it is to meet dangerous goods regulations. Backed by almost four decades of experience, we know what to look when conducting a survey, conducting a weak-point analysis and using the resulting insights gained to optimise processes. The result for you is an optimised business structure and a definition of the internal processes in the field of dangerous goods.

We compile a personnel organisation chart that sets out the tasks and obligations of advisers, other persons in positions of responsibility and other employees involved in the transport. Thus, properly organised and advised, you are well set up to discharge all your obligations concerning dangerous goods transports.

Dangerous Goods Helpline

Need help with dangerous goods issues? Our DGSAs provide comprehensive information quickly.

In day-to-day operations, you may suddenly need to quickly know the correct classification and labelling for dangerous goods or the correct packaging to use. And hardly a day goes by without some query arising about transport documents. Our safety experts on the helpline provide comprehensive answers quickly, thus saving you time and personnel resources.

Instruction and training of responsible personnel 

The transport of dangerous goods is such a sensitive area that responsible persons and others involved in the transport of dangerous goods need qualified instruction and training in specialist areas. 

We tailor our training courses and seminars to your company’s needs, providing your employees with a solid foundation that will enable them to carry out their daily tasks without delay.

The UMCO Academy has been training people for over 15 years. The staff there are qualified instructors and experts in their fields. We optionally provide standard training courses and formats tailored to your needs.

Special topics: Class 7, Class 1, lithium batteries, stowage

Are there any special issues or areas that you would like to have covered? UMCO has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in specialist areas, such as Class 7 and Class 1 issues, and acts in an advisory capacity to a large number of customers in this field.

We also provide advice on transporting lithium batteries and adherence to stowage regulations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. 

GlobalChem24 - Emergency telephone number 

Many countries, airlines and shipping companies require the consignor to provide a 24-hour emergency telephone number when transporting dangerous goods. In partnership with the National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) in England, we operate GlobalChem24, a premium-quality 24/7 emergency number service staffed 365 days a year.

Backed by robust technology which ensures they are always reachable and with access to a database of more than 43,500 substances, 30+ emergency responders are on hand to provide required information and instructions in over 150 languages. As a customer, you can show the emergency telephone numbers on your transport documents, safety data sheets and labels as well as on vehicle plates and written instructions. We advise you every step of the way from preliminary discussions through to a contract drawn up under German law and are permanently reachable as your German contact throughout the term of the contract.

International dangerous goods regulations (North America and Asia)

Very few dangerous goods transports are restricted to inland. Most air and sea transports involve other countries and usually entail seaport or airport on-carriage. But what are the regulations that need to be observed?

We clarify these and other questions for you in advance. We specialize in North American dangerous goods legislation (CFR 49) and in the dangerous goods regulations of selected Asian countries, notably China. As a customer, you can rest assured that your dangerous goods will be properly prepared for shipment. As a result, transport delays to the countries concerned are minimized or eliminated completely.

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