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UMCO offers solutions for managing all kinds of emergency scenarios. These may be of a legal nature, such as the obligatory provision of an emergency telephone number if you ship dangerous goods to certain countries. Note that it is also obligatory to provide an emergency telephone number on your safety data sheets. In addition, as more and more companies are faced with a growing number of internal and industry-specific requirements (e.g. Responsible Care), it is becoming essential to implement a company emergency management system in which all controls are properly coordinated.

Our services include the provision of 24-hour emergency telephone numbers for dangerous goods transport, safety data sheets and many other business-critical situations. We also help you to plan and organise an internal emergency management system, and will supplement this with hands-on emergency training courses tailored to your company.

How you benefit

With our solutions, you are assured of regulatory compliance, a global, multilingual emergency-response service, and advice that is highly specific to your company.


We and our partners have become extremely adept over the years at providing an emergency-response service. 

Field experience

We and our partners have become extremely adept over the years at providing an emergency-response service. 


Secure the best-possible service to further your reputation as a legally compliant company.

Our services at a glance

24-hour emergency telephone number for dangerous goods transports 

24-hour emergency telephone number for safety data sheets 

Planning and organisation of an internal emergency management system 

Practical training – The proper procedure for dealing with an emergency 

Further requirements 

Unleash the synergy of our multidisciplinary approach

Starting with preparing safety data sheets and registering your products with national bodies all over the world as a necessary prelude to effective emergency management, our experts will be able to accompany your products on their journey to the customer and beyond – courtesy of our dangerous goods services and SHE management system.

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24-hour emergency telephone number for dangerous goods transports

Many countries, airlines and shipping companies around the world insist on the provision of a 24-hour emergency telephone number when dangerous goods are being transported. This number must be staffed at all times and the response must be immediate, comprehensive and at least in English. Many countries increasingly stipulate a local number and a responder who can speak to the caller in the country’s official language.

The 24-hour emergency number provided by GlobalChem24 meets all international regulations. Apart from on the transport documents, it can be shown on labels, vehicle plates and optionally on safety data sheets and can be used by rescue and emergency services or other persons attending the accident site.

A team of trained specialists is on permanent standby and answers over 7,000 calls annually. On request, you can opt to initiate your company’s own emergency procedures or to arrange for a poison information centre to be contacted as well.

24-hour emergency telephone number for safety data sheets

Safety data sheets must show an emergency telephone number under which medical information can be provided in the event of chemical emergencies and, if possible, in the caller’s language. Where people are exposed to chemicals as a result of poisoning or an accident within Europe, medical advice is generally provided by national poison centres.

UMCO has developed a close working relationship with the Poison Information Centre in Göttingen (GIZ-Nord) over the course of many years. We can provide you with the emergency number for Germany and Great Britain. We also have a legally compliant solution for other EU Member States and neighbouring countries. 

When you commission UMCO to prepare and curate your safety data sheets, we will include the emergency number for Germany and Great Britain on your safety data sheets and automatically submit these to GIZ-Nord every day. We will also show the country-specific emergency telephone numbers for all other EU Member States and neighbouring countries on your documents and submit them to the respective national poison information centres every month. Additionally, we will draw up contracts with the relevant poison information centres.  

Planning and organisation of an internal emergency management system

Business continuity must be ensured in the event of an emergency. It is in every company’s vital interest to respond appropriately to crises in business and production areas. The heart of any business emergency management system is preventive measures for ensuring emergency preparedness and plans for managing a crisis and restoring processes essential for production and distribution.

he development of an internal emergency management system starts with the identification and evaluation of critical business processes (risk analysis). Operational specifics, processes and plants operated need to be known, and detailed knowledge of the hazard potential of substances on site is essential. Defining suitable, coordinated measures empowers emergency experts to take the appropriate course of action and to initiate predetermined emergency procedures where incidents and accidents occur during operation or transport.

We will gladly place our vast experience in the planning and organising of such an emergency management system at your disposal.

Practical training - The proper procedure for dealing with an emergency

Unfortunately, the possibility of incidents and accidents within a company can never be ruled out. And when they do happen, your employees need to be able to act safely and know which procedures to follow.

With this in mind, we have developed the UMCO Emergency Training programme in which we explore and train realistic accident scenarios with your employees – because every second counts in an emergency. 

Please feel free to contact us about possible scenarios and seminar content.

Further requirements

There are many other situations when a 24/7 emergency call centre could benefit your operation.

These include simply forwarding an incident notification, setting an internal alarm chain in motion, arranging for necessary disposal measures at the scene, accepting notifications under pharmaceutical law, “malfunctions” signalled by digital load-monitoring devices and “calls for help” from employees on assignments abroad.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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