Global Chemicals Management

Our Approach

Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of chemical products must ensure that they have a comprehensive substance and hazardous materials management system in place. We ensure that your products will always be in legal compliance as they journey into the world. 

A team of experts will accompany and advise you at every step on the chemical value chain: purchasing (material selection), product development, registration, internal management (production, packaging, labelling, storage, transport), handling and application as well as product and waste disposal.

You can book individual services or opt for outsource your entire dangerous substances management to us.  

How you benefit 

Drawing on the vast store of experience accumulated down the years and with the aid of our own software, our experts will apply their knowledge to free up space for you to direct your attentions more profitably elsewhere.  


Our team of xperts comprises toxicologists, chemists and biologists who are meticulous in their work and have honed their skills for communicating with customers.

Flexible solutions

Our proprietary software solution enables us to respond flexibly to your requirements and to implement solutions quickly and effectively.

Freeing up space

Placing responsibility for regulatory compliance and effective management of hazardous substances in the hands of external experts frees you up to direct your attention more profitably elsewhere.

Our services at a glance

Preparing (extended) safety data sheets

SAP EHS: Content management, raw materials management and preparation of safety data sheets 

Continuous product stewardship

Compliance check and gathering of product information 

Approval, authorisation, registration, and notification of chemical substances and mixtures  

Digital data exchange 

Unleash the synergy of our multidisciplinary approach

All data gathered within hazardous materials management is immediately available for other services within the scope of SHE and dangerous goods management: whether for preparing standard operating procedures, schedules of hazardous materials, or transport documents for dangerous goods.

Preparing (extended) safety data sheets

We provide you with up-to-date, legally compliant safety data sheets to help you distribute your chemical products internationally. We also translate EU safety data sheets on request and validate and check (supplier) safety data sheets for legal compliance. Additionally, we also prepare REACH exposure scenarios. 

We have our own IT software that allows us to rapidly and effectively implement new regulatory requirements, now and in the future. An intuitive, easy-to-use app gives you round-the-clock access to your documents, which will always be up to date. In addition, interface solutions are available to quickly transfer product data and documents to your IT system or for you to access your data in our database where that is your preferred option.

SAP EHS: Content management, raw materials management and preparation of safety data sheets

If you operate or want to implement an SAP EHS system in your company, we recommend that you use not just a technical partner but an expert partner that knows his way around national/international chemical legislation as well as industrial environmental protection and occupational safety. UMCO can manage your content, raw materials and products in SAP EHS and advise on how to implement such a system. 

Content management is a wide-ranging, time-consuming field. We load purchased data for you via the Open Content Connector (OCC), enter and curate your raw materials in the system with the data needed for rule sets (Europe only) and input UN-listed substances into the relevant dangerous goods area in SAP EHS. Our raw materials management service consists in creating recipes via suppliers’ raw material databases, performing calculations with existing rule sets and preparing internal raw materials data sheets for you.

Need to update your products regularly? Then you should opt for our product management service. Not only do we transfer specific product data and the recipe but we also prepare and curate safety data sheets in addition to performing calculations with existing rule sets.

We provide advice for companies implementing SAP EHS, especially advice on processes and decisions relating to the purchase of data or curating their own data. We also give valuable tips for purchasing rule sets and using the MSDS Maker. Our expertise here is concentrated squarely on data from Europe.

Continuous product stewardship

We help customers meet their product stewardship obligations towards people and the environment. We ensure that your safety data sheets are always in regulatory compliance. We provide comprehensive support and advice on all questions relating to chemicals legislation, right through to providing a full chemicals management service for you.

For substance compliance, we constantly check the ingredients of customer products against various legal and/or industry-specific lists of restricted and prohibited substances and prepare corresponding compliance reports. Systematic monitoring ensures that we are always au fait with the relevant legal regulations and amendments and allows us to analyse whether there have been any regulatory changes in the status of existing products. Any necessary additions or amendments are then made to the safety data sheets.

As a customer, you can decide whether to entrust all or just selected product safety tasks to us. By opting for external chemicals management, you benefit from a range of flexible, scalable, customised IT solutions with an XML-based interface for importing and exporting any type of product information. You can view your data in real time and analyse them with a set of analytical tools. It goes without saying that we continually prepare, evaluate and update the raw materials databases and curate your safety data sheets. You receive comprehensive, permanent all-round support and you can avail of the extensive expertise of our senior experts at any time.

In addition, we offer a convenient solution for hazardous materials labels. For this, we digitize all the content from your safety data sheet that is needed for labelling and migrate it to the hazardous substance labelling software of our partner chemplus. This means you can print out the latest updated hazardous substances labels at any time.

Compliance check and gathering of product information

As a company, you receive safety data sheets from your suppliers. But are they always correct? And how does their content get into your system? We can offer you a compliance check and comprehensive data management service.

First, we import master data from your system into our database and then we extract specified content from your supplier database. In the course of doing this, we verify the plausibility of the content and check it against our rules set. If we detect any errors or omissions, we follow a previously defined procedure to inform you of this. We finish by transferring all the data back into your IT system.

Approval, authorization, registration, and notification of chemical substances and mixture

Do you need to register or approve your products in order to market them legally? Our registration and approval management team offers you a one-stop service, from strategic planning and final documents through to contacting the right authorities and successful submission.

Authorisation and approval procedures are very complex and a positive outcome is crucial to the economic success of your product. Our strength lies in the broad range of services that we offer and the extensive networks maintained by our cooperation partners. We can provide a full registration and authorisation package for REACH substances and biocidal products, as well as an authorisation service for biocidal active substances in the EU.

We also offer a notification service for substances, hazardous mixtures and biocidal products in the EU to ensure regulatory compliance and we incorporate the legally required emergency telephone number for medical information into the safety data sheets. Should you require notifications for substances outside the EU, we work with an extensive network of partners across different countries. No matter what support you need, all our technical departments pull together to deliver the best solution for you.   

Digital data exchange

Our in-house software package enables us to exchange data in any format with our customers’ systems. Its XML-based interface solutions is capable of accessing all current goods management systems.

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