Regulatory Compliance and Audits

Our Approach

Regulatory compliance is on everyone's lips as companies aspire to ensure that they are aware of, and take steps to comply with, relevant regulations and voluntary standards with a view to minimising risk and boosting efficiency and effectiveness. However, whether the compliance controls implemented by companies really are effective and practicable often only becomes apparent in day-to-day operations. 

With over 40 years of experience behind us, we not only can advise you on how to apply the legal regulations and create a schedule of legal provisions, but we can also support you in the proper discharge of your obligations. We keep you informed of key changes in regulations, advise you on the consequences of regulations and conduct internal audits to check the effectiveness of all your controls. This reduces your liability risk and saves resources, time and costs.

How you benefit 

Our expertise and our multidisciplinary approach will ensure that your company enjoys lasting success. 


Our engineers are qualified in so many different disciplines that we are able to provide optimum supervision for technically demanding projects – without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Winning combinations 

Our experts can avail of the services of our lawyer to produce a winning combination of field experience on one hand and legal expertise on the other. 


The compliance advice which we provide for customers ensures that their companies enjoy lasting growth. 

Our services at a glance

Development of a schedule of legal provisions and compliance advice 

Compliance management and process implementation  

Compliance audits and system checks  

Environmental protection, occupational safety and energy management systems

Due diligence audits

Unleash the synergy of our multidisciplinary approach 

The advisers which we provide have the necessary field experience to be able to identify potential gaps in regulatory compliance and to come up with practical solutions.  

Development of a schedule of legal provisions and compliance advice

To be in regulatory compliance, you must ensure that all the relevant legal provisions concerning operational environmental protection, occupational safety and dangerous goods are transparently communicated throughout the company and that they are enforced over the long term. We help to create a sustainable schedule of legal provisions and advise comprehensively on their possible impact on operations and appropriate courses of action. 

As a matter of course, our experts capture all the relevant regulations at EU, German and state level for you. Where your company or group of companies has a number of locations (office, production, logistics, etc) or operates a number of subsidiaries, we recommend that you create a separate schedule of legal provisions for each location or subsidiary.

A single schedule to cover all does not ensure regulatory compliance. A common reason for companies to fail in their compliance obligations over the long term is a lack of resources. The compliance advice that we offer will remedy this situation. We go through the relevant legal changes with you, your managers and your DGSAs in the form of regular on-site discussions, via webex or via our helpline and specialist blog, and we explore the impact on your company and recommend possible courses of action.

We currently cover the following legal areas: 

  • Waste regulations
  • General environmental regulations
  • Plant safety regulations
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Soil protection regulations
  • Chemicals regulations
  • Dangerous goods regulations
  • Water protection regulations
  • Immission control regulations
  • Nature conservation regulations
  • Energy regulations

Compliance management and process implementation

We support our customers in identifying, formulating and delegating their obligations arising from a legal cadastre. Our support is provided on an individual basis, as the process of identification, creation and assignment generally varies in our experience.

We help clients to identify, formulate and delegate the obligations that arise from a schedule of legal provisions. We deliberately tailor our support because experience generally shows that no two identification, creation and assignment processes are the same.

The key to successfully managing regulations is a properly curated schedule of legal provisions. Once we identify the obligations that arise for your operation, we take meticulous care to ensure that the requisite processes are implemented, i.e. documented and communicated. This promotes the necessary levels of transparency and acceptance among the stakeholders in your company.

Software is a good tool for illustrating the process for delegating obligations. Apart from the schedule of legal provisions, it can display all regulatory changes automatically, making the capture and delegation of obligations simple and intuitive. A comprehensive reporting module provides an overview of the implementation status of all obligations. We will gladly advise you on the appropriate software to use in your company. 

With software on one hand and on-site advice guarantee on the other, you are assured of success. We not only provide support for software implementation, including the schedule of legal provisions, the delegation of obligations and on-site training, but also conduct regular compliance workshops on specific areas to advise you on the latest regulatory changes and how they will impact on your undertakings.

Compliance audits and system checks

Compliance audits and system checks are recommended where you do not yet have a schedule of legal provisions or you need to have an existing system checked. Between them, our multidisciplinary team of occupational safety officers, environmental experts, chemists and DGSAs cover a broad spectrum of regulatory areas and their implementation within a company and will agree the precise scope with you in advance.

We conduct random compliance audits to check your company’s status, to identify possible compliance risks and to devise recommended courses of action with you. If you have already established good compliance mechanisms in the form of a schedule of legal provisions and identified obligations, we recommend an annual system check in which we can check for compliance with REACH, dangerous goods, occupational safety, waste, water protection legislation etc. Furthermore, we offer process-based system checks, such as hazardous substances management, third-parties companies, and permits. We will discuss the appropriate type of check for your company on site with you.

Environmental protection, occupational safety and energy management systems

Companies have to contend with a plethora of laws, regulations and standards that become even more challenging when one or more management systems, such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001, EMAS, and ISO 50001, are factored in. It is important, then, that employees “live and breathe” the management system. We show you how this works.

We are in daily contact with our customers and therefore know exactly how to get employees to live and breathe the system and the various pitfalls to avoid in order to maintain their enthusiasm. We start off by analysing the current operation and assessing the strengths and weaknesses in the traditional way. This is essential for creating a foundation upon which to develop a coherent concept for structuring the management system in question. Apart from guidelines, such as environmental policy, SOPs and process descriptions, it is particularly important to devise and implement specific measures in the management system. A system which employees can fully stand behind needs self-explanatory documentation and good training. Regular audits, effectiveness checks and management reviews round out our service portfolio.

A special feature of our services is that we can examine individual subject areas on a case-by-case basis as well, such as third-party management/coordination, and permit systems. At their core, our services are all about providing expertise across the full spectrum of internal hazardous substances management – we can scrutinise and analyse every phase of the operation, from procurement through to disposal. 

There can be many reasons for conducting due diligence audits. For example, you may want to acquire another company or perhaps buy adjacent premises. To succeed, you need an overview of that company’s status as regards environmental protection and occupational safety and their compliance with chemicals legislation and dangerous goods regulations.

Are there any risks that might not surface for another few years? Have all the necessary permits really been obtained? We have a wealth of experience of where to look and which documents must be available. Where necessary, our network experts will organise the entire process for you.

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