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The secret of success is to understand the viewpoint of others.

Henry Ford

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Every day, we seek to understand our customers’ concerns and expectations and to meet them quickly and reliably by providing the best-possible service and delivering unrivaled quality.

We forge long-standing relations with customers – partnerships founded on trust, respect, honesty and reliability. As a strategic partner, we will develop compliance strategies for you, proactively monitor changes in legislation and coordinate their implementation within your company. We will provide you with the greatest-possible legal certainty in both your company and your worldwide activities.

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We work alongside our customers in the chemical value chain to devise balanced, future-proof solutions for their projects.

Excerpt from the UMCO mission statement

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Over the decades, our customers have greatly appreciated our ability to resolve complex problems surrounding requirements and processes or that arise in unusual fields.

We accomplish this by systematically exploiting synergies within our team, by employing a highly trained and highly motivated staff, and by deploying modern digital technologies and putting supports in place.

Apart from conventional compliance audits and checks, which are usually where we first become involved, and once-off project work (e.g. in construction projects), we provide our customers with a tried-and-trusted, comprehensive solution and support concept which ensures that their operations are always in legal compliance.

We are supported on international projects by a global network of partners. This enables us to keep delivering the high standard of quality which customers are used to receiving from UMCO.

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The welfare of all our employees is important to us: we want them to understand that they each make a vital contribution to the whole and that it is their personal qualities which make UMCO successful.

Excerpt from the UMCO mission statement

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There is no question that accelerating change and progressive digitization, most evident in the streamlining of complex interrelationships, tasks and processes, pose formidable challenges, but they have long been part of UMCO’s business down the years.

For all the technological advances, it is still people who generate economic activity. We seek to be a trustworthy, knowledgeable partner for our customers. We also seek this in the relationship we enjoy with our employees and partners. For this reason, we believe it is essential to keep upskilling our employees and fostering a good working atmosphere. Inside and outside the company, we treat customers and staff in the same way: we are committed, team-oriented, family-friendly and always ready to offer our support. 

Our Locations

Our goal is never to be more than 300 km from the customer. With offices in Hamburg, Cologne and Rottweil, we have come a very long way to achieving this.  

Our multidisciplinary team is spread across different locations, all of which are optimally networked with each other and offer easy vehicular access. This means that we can provide sound advice to customers from our offices and also be on-site at short notice.


At the Ingenieurwerk (engineering consortium) in the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg, we have adopted the motto “all our expertise under one roof”. An array of different specialist disciplines and service providers is housed in one building here, creating a powerful, innovative network for delivering comprehensive support concepts for industry and trade. UMCO co-founded the Ingenieurwerk and has its headquarters here. 


Georg-Wilhelm-Straße 187
21107 Hamburg

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We moved into new premises in the Wahn district of Cologne in the spring of 2018. The expanded offices now also boast a modern seminar and conference room. We look forward to hosting seminars here for you.


Albin-Köbis-Straße 8
51147 Köln

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Our Network

The requirements imposed on our customers are becoming increasingly complex.

The legal, public and industrial requirements and expectations which our customers have keep rising in number. Customers need to keep on top of them, if they are to be successful – in Germany, Europe and all other continents besides. There is hardly any new market in the world which is not highly regulated and a legal minefield to negotiate.

We go out of our way to support our customers, even in areas that are not part of our core business. To this end, we have built up a multidimensional network of partners over the past few decades to provide back-up and support, both professionally and regionally, and to ensure that we can respond expertly to our customers’ many and varied requests. 


We started forging alliances on an international level over 10 years ago when we co-founded the Global Chemical Consultant Network.

Today, thanks to these alliances, we are in a position to offer our customers the services of further reliable partners with compelling solutions. The opportunity to engage at international level has been pivotal in removing our “national blinkers” and has lent a sharper edge to our customer service.

At our various locations, we have built up a strong network of ties with local businesses, authorities and associations, and continually engage in active dialogue to ensure that the best interests of our customers are served.


We pride ourselves in being close to customers and being quickly on site when needed.

For all the convenience that technology offers, there are times when business and information simply have to be conducted and shared person to person. This frequently requires us to get an advisor to your operation at short notice. We are therefore gradually building up nationwide consulting capacity and partner networks throughout Germany.  

In addition, we also serve in numerous national and international associations where our customers too articulate their interests. We help them to formulate their wishes and to be heard by legislators and authorities.


At our regional locations we have built up a strong network of ties to business, authorities and associations.

We actively engage with them to promote the best interests of our customers.


We co-founded the Ingenieurwerk in Hamburg more than 15 years ago as a centre of excellence that houses specialist engineering companies under one roof.

The collective brain-power of more than a dozen service providers housed in a single modern building generates compelling synergies for dealing with customers’ complex requests. The building not only offers optimal working conditions but also boasts fully-equipped rooms for holding seminars and events. For further information on the Ingenieurwerk, visit www.iw-hh.de.

Our Customers

What binds our customers together is that they are all on the chemical value chain. They are to be found wherever chemical substances are extracted, stored, produced, refined, traded, used or transported around the world. We actively targeted this group from a very early stage with a view to providing a first-class service based on our highly specialist expertise. 

Chemical and pharmaceutical products are ubiquitous in modern life. It is therefore not surprising that the chemical and pharmaceutical industry constitutes one of the world’s largest economic sectors and that its solutions to global challenges are and will be vitally important today and in the future. Small and medium-sized enterprises have a special role to play here and our solutions are designed to address their specific needs. However, we are increasingly finding that large corporations also are turning to us for expertise on individual projects or individual operations.

Our interdisciplinary team spread across Hamburg, Cologne and Rottweil works hard to deliver the best solutions for our customers. Even though we currently provide support for around 1,000 companies worldwide, we believe in the personal touch and holding regular meetings with our customers in person. As our customer, you automatically have a personal contact assigned to your projects and our helpline is available to provide quick answers. In addition, we keep in personal contact through regular on-site appointments and customer events.  

Let us tell you about the services we provide – become one with our customer group!

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Our Team

Competence and expertise across a highly diverse range of specialist disciplines as well as experience gained from a large number of projects and companies are the cornerstones of our commitment to customers.

The way our employees work together across various locations is the way we treat our customers; respectfully, reliably, focused and always ready to stand up for each other. Our customers value and appreciate the personal strengths and qualities exhibited by our advisers. The long-standing cooperation which we enjoy with our customers speaks for itself.

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