Our Approach

Since our foundation 40 years ago, the focus of all our activities has been on the distribution of chemicals and ensuring that our customers’ operations are in permanent regulatory compliance. The first step we always take therefore is to conduct a compliance audit or check. We look at the current situation within the company and work with you on identifying the best form of service to provide you with.

Is your company still developing a compliance system? Or perhaps you would like support with maintaining regulatory compliance in your operation? Is there project work imminent or maybe there are particularly challenging or multidisciplinary issues that need to be resolved? With our multidisciplinary team of engineers, chemists and lawyers as well as our own IT solutions, we can offer you proven and comprehensive solutions and support to ensure that you are in regulatory compliance.  

Our Services

Global Chemical Regulations 

Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of chemical products must ensure that they have a comprehensive substance and hazardous materials management system in place. We ensure that your products will always be in legal compliance as they journey into the world. 

SHE Management

Safety, health and the environment (SHE) is a wide-ranging issue of major concern for our customers. This is hardly surprising given that various areas of the law impinge on the handling of dangerous goods. Integrated SHE management is therefore the right approach to adopt.

Dangerous Goods Management 

As an entrepreneur you aspire to be in legal compliance when it comes to preparing and transporting dangerous goods and preventing incidents and accidents, such as leakages. We support you in all aspects of national and international dangerous goods management. 

Regulatory compliance and audits 

Regulatory compliance is on everyone's lips as companies aspire to ensure that they are aware of, and take steps to comply with, relevant regulations and voluntary standards with a view to minimising risk and boosting efficiency and effectiveness. 

Emergency Management 

UMCO offers solutions for managing all kinds of emergency scenarios. These may be of a legal nature, such as when you are shipping dangerous goods to certain countries, or they may concern internal or industry-related requirements.

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