Our Approach

Our customers operate internationally but also wish to avail of UMCO’s customary expert advice at their regional locations as well.

We know from our own experience within Germany that it is often not enough to know and understand the local laws and regulations. It’s more a matter of knowing how regulations are interpreted and applied in practice and which bureaucratic hurdles have to be overcome.

It is therefore frequently essential to understand not only a country’s legal system and history, but also the region and, naturally, its language and culture.

This insight inspired us early on to collaborate with national partners to devise procedures and standards that would deliver the best-possible level of service in those regions which interest our customers.

In line with customer needs, we seek the optimal solution by involving our partners in the consultation process, by putting our partners into direct contact with our customers or by offering collaboration models – regardless of whether this service is to be provided here in Germany or in another country.


Through the Global Chemical Consultant Network, which we co-founded, we have the capability to offer our customers solutions appropriate to the various key regions in the world.

A shared ambition among participating companies to act professionally, socially and responsibly and to focus on quality is key to successful collaboration.

We have partnered with the NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre) to provide our emergency telephone service, but we have also formed many other partnerships around the world. One of these is with REACH24H, which operates out of China and supports our customers across the entire Asian market.

Our Services

The focus of all our services has always been on ensuring that our customers’ operations are permanently in regulatory compliance – no matter where they are in the world.

Apart from offering services relating to the marketability of our customers’ chemical products, we deal with all matters relating to the national and international transport of dangerous goods, storage, occupational safety, environmental protection and plant safety.

International Chemical Regulations

  • Notification, registration and national authorisation of substances
  • Implementation of active substance approvals
  • Preparation and updating of (extended) safety data sheets
  • Organisation of international seminars on international chemicals legislation

International Dangerous Goods Management

  • Advice on dangerous goods shipments to other European countries, China and the USA
  • Advice on dangerous goods transports  to other EU member states, China and the USA with the involvement of our various cooperation partners
  • Conducting seminars and workshops on European dangerous goods regulations in non-European countries, especially China and the USA
  • Organising international seminars on dangerous goods transport regulations in selected countries, especially China and the USA, Germany and other European countries.




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